Why Choose Us

Hair studio "Ken's" was founded in 1995 and since then its high quality of service has turned it into one of best hair studios in Sarajevo and wider.

During continuous work with numerous brands, "Ken's" has decided to establish cooperation with company "Matrix", leading US brand of hair products, that is owned by L'Oréal since 2002 , which is just an additional confirmation if its exceptional quality. The owner of Hair studio "Ken's", Kenan Ahmethodzic, thus became the Matrix Ambassador.

Beside that he is also a member of Sarajevo Hairstylists Club's Presidency and won a first place at hairstylists' competition in Osijek (Republic of Croatia). He has participated in World competition in Milan as well as other numerous domestic, regional and European Hair Shows. During his continuous efforts in trainings he completed and is still engaging in numerous education sessions.

Our professional engagement includes collaboration in film projects, TV series, Sarajevo Film Festival, cooperation with several media houses (commercial and public services) as well as participation in several print media editorials in magazines dedicated to fashion, style and beauty.

We pay special attention to the health and treatment of hair by using high-quality professional products. Along with hair-styling services we offer professional make-up consultations and other beauty treatments.