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Book your appointment for a free scalp screening at KEN'S II salon!

The foundation for a healthy and beautiful look of your hair is the healthy scalp. In order to be sure that you use products that are best suited for the needs of your scalp and hair we recommend our free individual scalp screening that precisely determines all potential problems and needs of your scalp, for beautiful, healthy and vital look of your hair. If you want the free scalp screening, advice on how to treat your scalp and hair, conditioning treatments and beauty products of the highest quality, visit our KEN'S salon.

New at KEN'S II salon – Harlogi products for hair and scalp treatment

Only natural is good enough for your hair so at KEN'S II salon we now offer Harologi treatments for your hair! Harology system is based on the principle of excellence and uniqueness. With its high quality products and innovations, the products of Swedish Harologi cosmetics are amongst leading ones in the area of hairstyling.
In order to ensure quality hair treatment, Harologi has developed several important tools. We especially stress the digital scalp test that offers precise information on current state of your hair as well as measures the strength and elasticity of the hair. In order to ensure appropriate care for each hair type, Harologi has manufactured additives for shampoos and other hair products that are adjusted for different hair types.
All products are manufactured in Sweden and are made of natural ingredients. They do not contain any animal-tested ingredients. Compounds and packaging are all bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. All products have pH factor that is adjusted to skin and are therefore not harmful for skin and scalp.